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Guys: Spunk and Sperm

As a guy’s penis becomes hard, the foreskin will peel back to reveal the head or glands; this spongy tissue, which as most lads know feels kind of good to touch, is full of nerve endings. If stimulated for long enough, either by rubbing with your hand when masturbating (wanking) or by moving inside a partner’s body during sex, it triggers a reaction which causes sperm to be released from the testes.

The sperm then travel along a tube, past the prostate gland. The prostate is a small walnut sized gland which makes the white sticky liquid we call semen, or you might call spunk or cum. Semen helps to protect the sperm cells from the conditions inside a girl’s body. Plus it’s full of vitamins and nutrients, and acts as a kind of on-board Lucozade drink for the sperm as they attempt to travel the long distance to fertilize the girl’s egg cell.

As the sperm cells become mixed within the semen solution, they continue on their journey. The muscles at the base of the penis contract making it twitch and propel the semen out of the opening at the end. This is called ejaculation or cumming. Ejaculation is the physical act of releasing semen from the penis, sometimes this can feel quite nice too, as all the build-up and anticipation is released; this feeling is called an orgasm. Some orgasms can be quite intense others not so much. Indeed, sometimes when a guy ejaculates, it can be a bit of an anti-climax – a lot depends on your state of mind. Unfortunately, ejaculating doesn’t guarantee you an orgasm.

Girls: Tubes and Wombs

Imagine if we were really tiny and could have a walk inside the vaginal tunnel. If we travelled right to the end, there would be nothing there. However, if we looked up, above us would be the womb. At the base of the womb is the entrance which is called the cervix. Despite the fact it is only a very tiny opening, it is made of really strong muscle which allow it to stretch around 10cm wide to allow the head of the baby to pass through during labour, how clever is that?

You would think that the womb was quite big, as it is designed to grow a baby in. However, it is actually quite tiny, only a couple of inches big, but again it is made of very stretchy muscle which expands to accommodate the baby as it grows. Once the baby is born, the womb will shrink again back to its original size in about a week.

At the top of the womb are two arms called fallopian tubes. There is one on either side and both lead to one of the girl’s two ovaries. Even when a baby girl is still in the womb, she will already have all of the egg cell she will ever need stored inside her ovaries. Once she reaches puberty, each month one of her ovaries will release an egg – this is called the menstrual cycle.

© Going off the Rails 2012. Adapted from ‘Playing Downstairs’ by Jonny Hunt

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