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We are so excited to launch Respect Yourself Doncaster – a relationships and sex education website/app developed for Doncaster young people aged 13 and up.

Evidence suggests that young people can lack the skills and confidence to access sexual health services and perceive a range of barriers to accessing them.

This resource has been designed to engage with young people around issues of relationships and sex, especially the areas that are lacking from contemporary RSE (relationships & sex education) that they receive in school.

Young people want to ask questions and seek opinions – but they don’t want a lecture, and are just as embarrassed and lost as to how to start doing this as their parents are.

Elements of the resource that young people specifically requested were the ‘Sextionary’, the ‘Parents’ section and the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered honestly. (Questions are answered by a Relationships and Sex Education Consultant usually within 48 hours.)

The app also acts as a “friend in your pocket‟ to help young people to walk through the door of a service. For example, through the use of the ‘Service Finder’, ‘Request Slip’ and the ‘What to Expect’ section, which features videos from local services, including Project 3 and School Nursing.

The Respect Yourself website/app has been launched to coincide with Sexual Health Week 2016 and will be available at www.doncaster.respectyourself.info

Please take time to have a look around the site – we hope you find it useful! Any feedback is welcome and you can leave comments using the form below.


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